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The Eight Week Body Transformation Program The eight week Body Transformation Program has answered my prayers. This body transformation program enables one to build muscle as well as lose fat at the same time. Talking of building muscles and losing fat simultaneously is deceiving. It’s not actually at the same time. It may however be said that this exercise happens within the same period of time. The recommended period of time should be eight weeks. The Eight Week Body Transformation Program takes everyone’s goals into account. Despite everyone having different goals for body fitness, four goals have been identified. Focus on fat loss Focus on Muscle Building Focus on Fat Loss with a secondary goal of Building Muscle. Primary focus on building body muscles and also on losing fat. Nutrition timing and cyclical dieting
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The main focus of this program is on nutrition timing and cyclical dieting. I know you are probably confused by these terms. cycling your diet in simple terms is what is referred to as cyclical dieting. Take for example someone who has selected fat loss objective their diet will be deficit in calories. This program is all about varying one’s caloric intake such that for a certain period of time, one either has caloric surplus or deficit. This largely depends on the goal selected. Different goals will have different amounts of time in a surplus or deficit.
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Generally speaking nutrition timing is all about when to fuel specific nutrients to one’s body, be it fat, proteins, or carbs. What results should one expect after participating in the program. There are four major factors that determine the kind of results that one could expect from participating in the program. How long you’ve been training – The longer that you have been training the slower your muscle gain will be. Beginners will gain muscle a lot faster. Muscle memory-It is harder to build new muscles than to regain lost muscles. Genetics- most people know this to be ones body type. Some body types will gain muscle faster and others will be more gifted in the area of fat loss. All people are different but there are those gifted in different areas than others. Results may also be affected by drugs intake. Some people will take drugs such as steroids to increase their muscle gains or other drugs to speed up fat burning. Definitely this is not a way to go. You can do everything without drugs. There are other things provided by this program Information regarding resistance and cardio training. One is taken through some training regarding the lifestyle factors that may influence the transformation. meal plans for carb cycling that one could adopt are also provided. This program therefore prescribes the right kind of nutrition to help one lose fat and build muscles.