Short Course on Pets – What You Need To Know

Handling Common Cat Behaviors The first behavior is constant meowing. Primarily, female cats do meow when they are looking for partners. Not only that but cats can also meow when they are hurt of feeling ill. When cats need you to give them some little attention they will also meow. By spraying your cat, and also spending some quality time with your cat you will easily solve this problem. Apart from that, you can see a vet to examine your cat if the behavior persist. Another behavior of the cats is begging. On most cases cats do meow during the meals time or looking at you with pleading eyes. This can mean that you cat is either hungry or just needs your attention. This can be corrected by making sure that you feed your cat properly before you start eating. In case of attention, take some little time to talk to your cat to console it. Another thing is the aggressive nature of cats. Majorly this is caused by fear, disturbance, bad mood or injury. For example, when you are petting the body of your cat and it reacts aggressively make sure that you examine the injury systematically. Another thing is that it is good to leave a sleeping dog to lie. You should not interfere with your cat while it is sleeping. Besides that, you should not yell at the cats since they do not understand you but they will just run away.
Getting To The Point – Pets
We also have cats that are fond of jumping on the counters or furniture. Originally cats like to jump on high places. You can try this by putting the cat down anytime it climbs the counter. Putting the cat down is very tiresome since it is done more often. Apart from that you can also put a sticky tape on the counters so that anytime dogs jump on them they got stuck. If the cat got stacked there may be twice of thrice they will never go to such places. Another behavior is fighting by the cats. It is cats nature to protect its territory and their families. You can make your cat to be docile by spraying it. You can as well shout at them or throwing a towel at them to scare them. Cats that are coming from the same house should be put in different rooms. This will make them cool down and start loving each other again.
Understanding Cats
Another behavior is scratching and tearing furniture. This is a normal behavior of cats. As a sign of relief or allowing them to shed their claws. This can be corrected by providing them with scratching posts.