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Guide to Taking Care a Parakeet Parakeets are known to be intelligent and beautiful pets. It is important to look up information about handling and caring for parakeets before purchasing one so that it can live happily and be always healthy. Parakeets, also known as budgies, need a good-sized cage. The cage must be designed exactly for them, with cage bars that are narrow.Get a cage that is appropriate for them in which they have proper space when they fully open their wings. There are decorative bird cages which have two perches and a swing. A cuttlebone is also an important addition in the cage for the parakeet to groom its beak. There are cheap decorative bird cages available in bird shops that you can invest into if you are on a tight budget. The cage should have a drawer at the bottom that can be easily pulled out for easy cleaning. Put a paper on the floor to absorb droppings. You can get bird cages with grates already at the floor of the cage. It is best to place the cage in areas where there is no draft or you can cover sides of the cage with cloth just to be safe.
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You must keep your parakeet’s food and water new every day. Provide your parakeet with good mixture of seeds designed for them and add some vitamin supplements and bird gravel in their diet as well. Be extra carefully if you open the door of the cage because the parakeet might escape before your very eyes, and make sure that the area is clear from other household pets.
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A parakeet can get scared easily, so try not to make abrupt movements or loud noises. Try to be gentle and slowly take your time going around them as you bit by bit gain its trust. Make them get used to your hand by putting a hand in the cage and leave it for about 10 minutes. Form the bond more with the parakeet by talking softly or make soothing sounds to it, with your hand still in its cage. After a moment, slowly position your forefinger just below the parakeet’s chest so it will jump on it to rest and make it sit there for some time. For the parakeet to be in good shape, let it exercise by allowing it to fly daily Let the parakeet fly first in a small space like a bathroom so it will not get stuck in between furniture. Once it starts to get used to the surrounding in about a week, take another step by letting it fly in a much bigger space. Parakeets are prone to many diseases like diarrhea, which is actual fatal to them. The stool of a parakeet must be compact and round so check it daily and take note if the stool gets runny. Feeding the parakeet human food can be harmful and may probably give them diarrhea so it is best to only give food made for them. Ask the help of a veterinarian once you notice that your parakeet is suffering diarrhea so that you can immediately give the medicine it needs. A parakeet can live a longer life if treated well and given the attention it deserves daily.